Jared Allen, CPA
Finance and IT Consultant

Three ways I can support your business

Accounting Services

I can handle your bookkeeping, tax prep and filing, financial statements, reconciliations, and many other back-office processes needed to keep your business running.

Payroll Perfection

Never worry about compliance, accuracy, or delays. Explore end-to-end solutions that integrate core HR and IT processes, reducing complexity in your business and lowering total operating costs.

System Upgrades

Seamlessly transition to better platforms that reduce headaches, enable scalable growth, and speed up reporting and insights so you can make decisions at the speed of business.


I started my career in corporate accounting and Financial Planning and Analysis, earning a Chartered Professional Accountant designation while leading an accounting team as a corporate Controller before a chance opportunity to join Nike’s Canadian head office in Toronto.

My time at Nike was an incredible learning experience. The world’s leading Brand company was undergoing massive digital transformation with a focus on eliminating manual work so talent could be shifted to critical areas of growth. My role leading Brand Marketing and Supply Chain Fiance immersed me in proof-of-concept initiatives that would eventually scale across the globe. The speed of Nike’s innovation inspired me to begin thinking about how I could help smaller businesses combine data and technology to move faster and grow more profitably.

After many years working in high growth, venture capital backed software firms, I’ve started my own company, Hitch&Yoke, to finally see my vision come to life. My team is growing, and we have a network of partners to tackle any challenge you might have, be it financial, operational, or business development.

I look forward to meeting you and learning more about your purpose.


Get in Touch

Struggling with software, muddied financials, or inefficient manual processes? Let’s revolutionize your business operations together – reach out today to discuss your challenges and how a partnership can add value to your team. I’ll respond within two business days.


Toronto, Ontario, Canada